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David LaChapelle on Pièces Secrètes

Updated: 2 hours ago

David LaChapelle recently appeared on Laurent Dassault's program Pièces Secrètes on France's TV5Monde and LCI. The short interview was taped at Deodato Gallery in Milan.

In the program, Dassault "meets the world's biggest art collectors and artists and invites them to unveil the "secret garden" of their collections and to explain what they love so much about these special works of art.

David LaChapelle recently completed a portrait of Mr. Dassault, a commission of Galerie Templon, inspired by LaChapelle's own series, Aristocracy (2014).

David LaChapelle, Laurent Dassault, Milan, 2022, 70 x 52.5 in., Chromogenic print

Watch the clip of Pièces Secrètes below.


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