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The Studio

John Schoenfeld Studio Portfolio 1.JPG

David LaChapelle Studio, located in Los Angeles, California is home to many of the artist's productions.

John Schoenfeld Studio Portfolio 3.JPG

The 12,000 square foot studio houses three separate shooting stages, a large prop warehouse, wood shop, multiple dressing rooms, makeup and hair suites, editing suites, administrative, production and private offices, kitchen, equipment warehousetheater, parking, and fireproof/armed working archive.

John Schoenfeld Studio Portfolio 2.JPG
John Schoenfeld Studio Portfolio 5.JPG

David LaChapelle's first studio was located at 80 St. Marks Place (above the historic Theatre 80) from the mid-1980's until the mid-1990's when it moved to 429 East 13th Street.


In 2003, the artist moved his studio to Los Angeles.  LA is now home to a majority of LaChapelle's productions.


The artist also frequently works in Hawaii-based studio, in addition to locations around the world.

Interior photography by John Schoenfeld.

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