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Wolfgang Roth & Partners Fine Art

Jesus in My Homeboy 

Miami, Florida

December 2, 2008 - January 10, 2009

Press Release:

Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition. David LaChapelle: Jesus is My Homeboy photography series. The exhibition will open during the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair on December 2, 2008 and will run thru January 10, 2009. An opening reception will be held on December 2nd from 8-11 PM.


David LaChapelle: Jesus is My Homeboy photography series


The Six works from the Jesus is My Homeboy series include, Evidence of a Miraculous Event; Intervention; Last Supper; Anointing; Loaves and Fishes and Sermon. First Illustrated in 2003 in the British magazine i-D, the series is a reminder that the historical Jesus was in fact an advocate for the outcasts and downtrodden of society. If Jesus were alive today, he would not be judging the prostitute or the drug addict or the destitute; he would intervene on their behalf. If Jesus were to carry out his message in our modern times, he would speak with the people in the streets, rather than an elite upper-class.


This series serves as LaChapelle's reminder of what he believes Jesus truly represents. Jesus would rather advocate, mingle and give chances to the most average and the less fortunate than wage war against them. It is LaChapelle's intent to truly ask the question if Jesus were alive today What Would Jesus Do? Who would his "homeboys" be?


About Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art:


Wolfgang Roth and his partner Reiner Opoku state that Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art gallery will not be limited to the exhibition of Modern and Contemporary art, but will serve as a platform for open dialogue between artists and curators. "Wolfgang Roth & Partners, Fine Art will add perspective to the fine art offering in Miami through unique exhibitions which invite deeper thought about contemporary art," says Wolfgang Roth. The gallery will serve as a vehicle to establish world-class exhibitions and is committed to positive community engagement and social contributions. Six unique installations per calendar year are anticipated on the gallery's program and will feature blue chip and leading contemporary artists, as well as emerging artists. Events such as artist talks, charitable auctions and provision of a project space wherein national and international emerging and under-represented artists will coalesce with visiting curators are all being planned and considered in order to embrace and enhance the rich arts culture of Miami.


For more information please visit the Wolfgang Roth & Partners website

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