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Robilant + Voena 

David LaChapelle: Rape Of Africa

London, United Kingdom

April 27 - June 23, 2010

Press Release:


The Rape of Africa exhibition London event takes place at Robilant and Voena this spring with the very first showing of David LaChapelle's amazing photo. Based on the iconic Botticelli painting of Venus and Mars, this stunning piece is sure to be the talk of the art world while it is on display in London.

The Rape of Africa exhibition 

London saw David LaChapelle's first exhibition of work at the gallery back in 2008 and now he has made a return to Robilant and Voena with another of his fine art shows. Having become a household name for his work in fashion photography, video and editorial work, LaChapelle's focus on fine art has seen him produce several acclaimed pieces.

Western consumerism

Much of his work including that featured in The Rape of Africa exhibition looks at the nature of western consumerism and the direct effects it has on Africa and its people. Previous series such as Deluge and Jesus is My Homeboy, both of which were exhibited at Robilant and Voena back in 2008, contain similar themes. This critique of the western world versus the continent of Africa is made explicit by his use of significant details and symbols throughout the photos.

Subverted glamour

The Rape of Africa itself features a stylised version of the Sandro Botticelli painting which depicts the lovers Venus and Mars in a pastoral scene. Here in The Rape of Africa exhibition visitors will be able to see the references to child soldiers, blood diamonds and unethical gold mining, and the commodification of African beauty, all on display in this stunning yet thought provoking large scale image.


Art and celebrity

Alongside the main photo, art fans will be treated to other works also inspired by models from art history and contemporary celebrity culture. Preparatory drawings by David LaChapelle are also included in The Rape of Africa exhibition, which highlight the skill and insight needed to construct such a complex image.


The Rape of Africa exhibition London event takes place from 10am - 6pm Monday -

Friday, Tuesday 27th April - Tuesday 25th May 2010 at Robilant and Voena Gallery.

Entrance is free.

For more information please visit The Robilant and Voena Gallery website


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