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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Figure and Form In Contemporary Photography

Los Angeles, California 

July 22 - October 14, 2012

Press Release:

Capturing the human figure continues to have relevancy for contemporary photographers. As realized in this exhibition highlighting recent aquisitions, the focus comes in many forms- from the abstracted, to the gestural or performative; inclusive of form as conceptual, as sculptural, and as the object of observation, both straightforward and sublime, among other treatments. 

From Vivianne Sassen's evoacative work that seems to defy the boundaries of the posed figure (20120), to Bruce Conner's graphically pure life-size photogram (1974), to Paul Graham's narrative, yet unscripted, six-part piece (2005), to Ken Gonzales-Day's photo mural, a confrontation of it's dual figures as well of the viewer (2010)

Additional artists include John Baldessari, Tracy Baran, Slater Bradley, Jo Ann Callis, Talia Chetrit, Bruce Conner, Zoe Crosher, Rineke Dijkstra, Thobias Faldt, Fernell Franco, Paul Graham, ken Gonzales- Day, Robert Heinecken, Anthony Hernandez, David LaChapelle, Matt Lipps, Catherine Opie, Viviane Sassen, Cindy Sherman, Madoka Takagi, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Carrie Yury.


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