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Galleria Leyendecker 

Tenerife, Spain

David LaChapelle

December 17, 2010 - February 1, 2011

Press Release:


Galería Leyendecker is proud to announce the solo exhibition of the American photographer David LaChapelle, the Opening being on the 17th of December.


David LaChapelle’s monumental compositions, fusing street culture with historical and biblical elements, have had a powerful impact on the advertising, cinema and fashion world. Nowadays, he accentuates the inequalities of modern society in his works, without retaining the use of conceptual sceneries, intense colour and illumination.

He has moved-on from being an established photographer to receiving recognition as a contemporary artist with a social message. He currently focuses on showing his work in galleries and art museums all over the world.


The exhibition will be showing works of his different series:

American Jesus is considered to be one of his most provocative series, immortalizing Michael Jackson as the American prophet. The three images (American Jesus, Archangel Michael and The Beatification) are a testimonial of David’s profound affection for the singer, showing him as an innocent being, pure and dignified – standing beside the Virgin Guadalupe or praying for the devil, after having defeated him.

The images Sermon and Thy Kingdom come continue to manifest LaChapelle’s interest in religious themes, transporting eclectic concepts into a modern day setting. 

The Birth of Venus and Fleurs du Mal are two photographs that the artist created in his house in Hawaii. His inspiration can be found in the myth of the Garden of Eden and in two famous classics: Boticelli's Birth of Venus and the poem Fleurs du Mal by the French classicist poet Charles Baudelaire.

Rape of Africa is an interpretation of Boticelli's painting Venus and Mars; in it, Africa is personified by a black Venus by Naomi Campbell, beautiful and distant, whereas Mars, her exhausted partner, represents European greed. LaChapelle does not hesitate to use beauty as a tool to condemn the exploitation and destruction of the African continent and to, at the same time, catch the public's attention.

The exhibition will also be showing the works Kayne West: Passion of the Christ and Negative Currency: One Dollar Bill Used as Negative.

The Opening will take place on the 17th of December at the Leyendecker Gallery (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) at 8pm (Invitation Only). We are pleased to announce that David LaChapelle has confirmed his attendance at the Opening.The exhibition will be on view throughout January. 

For more information please visit the Galería Leyendecker website

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