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Galerie Rudolfinum 

Thus Spoke LaChapelle

Prague, Czech Republic

December 7, 2011 - February 26, 2012

Press Release:


The exhibition "Thus Spoke LaChapelle" is prepared in collaboration with Pavleye Art and Culture. 

Galerie Rudolfinum is proud to present “Thus Spoke LaChapelle,” a unique exhibition unlike any other David LaChapelle show to date. LaChapelle's rarely shown early works will be included for the first time in an exhibition presenting the artist’s entire oeuvre. This retrospective presents an
extensive selection of LaChapelle’s work, surveying all the seminal stages of his creative career. 

Still, the emphasis is largely on the work created in recent years, when LaChapelle retired from fashion and magazine commissions in order to revisit his artistic premises and independent work. Triumphant works such as Deluge (2006) and his monumental Raft of Illusion Raging Toward Truth (2011) are just examples of how "Thus Spoke LaChapelle" shows where the artist has been, where he is and most importantly, where he is going. 

“Throughout all the different chapters in my life, it has always been my objective
to engage the viewer, to connect wherever the images might be seen. A connection and a communication of ideas, feelings, obsessions, dreams, and visions. These pictures most often were created in an intuitive and synchronistic flow – conceived and manifested with collaborators, whom like me, were united in a vibrant consciousness, much like musicians improvising together in a “visual jam-session” to achieve a pictorial harmony that will hopefully touch the beholder like music. “

David LaChapelle, from the catalogue Thus Spoke LaChapelle
Exhibition is prepared in co-operation with Pavleye Art and Culture agency.
Main partner of the Exhibition is J&T BANK.

Opening Ceremony at 7pm on December 6, 2011

Museum Address: 

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Phone: +420 227 059 205

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