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Earth Laughs In Flowers 


Exhibition at Fred Torres Collaborations

Publication: Fred Torres Collaboration

Publication date: February 2012

Editor: Yana Balson

Credits: Giuliano Argenziano, Costanza Musumeci, Michal Mockler, Kristofer Porter

Format: 7” x 9”

Features: 36 pages, paperback,

Language: English

Excerpt from the afterword “Gaia” by David LaChapelle:


Gaia is the primordial earth goddess in ancient Greek religion or Mother Earth. She bore gods from her womb and then carried us on this journey. Have we taken too much from that which nurtures us? Have we poisoned what gives us life? We have overburdened our sustainer, rendered her sick and weak.


What will tomorrow bring for us? Surely she will recover her fevers and tremors, tumors and wounds, her flesh ravaged and scarred. Are we the guilty exploiters, the rapist? Or by the act of being born, did we inherit these mortal sins?


My feeling is that we are born into and from earth innocent and guilty both. Gaia will recover by no miracle just by her way. Her nature is balance. Birth is constant but also death. Our fare must be paid now. It seems we have reached our destination, even passed it and at this hour it is too late for us to go back. It’s the moment of our reconciliation.

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