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An Inspirational Zine

limited edition of 1000 

GASP ZINE was founded in the summer of 2020 by Courtni Poe, a young native of Tennessee.  With no formal experience in editing or publishing, Courtni set out to create an alternative to the "screen-dependent" pandemic era.   In her own words: "Our goal is to re-introduce the feelings of excitement, joy, and genuine interest without feeling 'uncool'." 

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As a start-up zine, Courtni created 8 issues of GASP (with 100 copies per issue) before reaching out to LaChapelle studio with the idea to collaborate.  The timing was perfect.  For the past several years, David has been eager to work on a zine, specifically as a place to highlight new and unseen works.   The zine he had in mind would be an intimate, lightweight book reminiscent of the underground rags which circulated America in the 1980's and 90's.  This opportunity to partner with a young new publisher seemed like refreshing way to find freedom without any rules.  

"Our goal is to re-introduce the feelings of excitement, joy, and genuine interest without feeling 'uncool'." 

- Courtni Poe, GASP Editor


Courtni and her team of young creatives took up residence at DLC Studio for two months over the spring of 2021.  Together, the GASP team, along with David and his studio staff worked on this special zine titled "AGAPE."  Every experience of the collaboration was a joy, from the curation, writing, and layout to  the creation of new artwork.  David compared the experience to the freedom of being back at art school or summer camp.



The result of this special project is a uniquely personal and unapologetically faith-based zine.  Courtni and David agreed to use each of the 96 pages as a way to render Gratitude, inspire Joy, and encourage Prayer in challenging times.  The AGAPE zine is printed in a limited run of 1000 copies.  This special publication is available on the bookstore page,  at-cost, while availability lasts.