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Ostlicht. Galerie Fúr Fotografie 

David LaChapelle: Once in the Garden

Vienna, Austria

June 2 - September 14, 2014

Press Release:

Colourful, provocative, humorous and glamorous: During the past three decades, David LaChapelle has created an extraordinary and unmistakeable oeuvre that had a lasting influence on the aesthetics of the visual realm. For his fantastic exaggerated, flashy photographs the storyteller has staged numerous pop and movie stars. With hyper-real settings featuring gleaming and perfect bodies, bits and pieces of consumer culture and citations of natural beauty, he creates a bizarre tension between alienation and attraction that raises existential questions – of spirituality and religion, gender and sexuality, transience and exploitation.

Inspired by Andy Warhol, David LaChapelle started in the mid-eighties in New York to take photograph for international lifestyle magazines and exhibit his work. This was followed by shows in major museums and galleries around the world. Galerie OstLicht is pleased to presents in Vienna a comprehensive exhibition, featuring well-known icons of the photographer alongside three of his latest groups of works.

As a kick-off to the exhibition and the Life Ball a poster campaign in cooperation with Gewista with the images Once in the Garden (1) and Once in the Garden (2) will take place in public space starting May 12.

Five percent of the net artwork sales profit will be donated to AIDS LIFE.

Opening hours:
Gallery: Wed–Sat 12– 6 pm
Library: Wed–Fri 12– 6 pm
Closed on public holidays

OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie
Absberggasse 27
A-1100 Vienna
Tel +43 1 996 20 66
Fax +43 1 996 20 66-66

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