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Foundación Unión


Montevideo, Uruguay

June 24 - October 7, 2016

Press Release:

Fundación Unión and 212 Productions are pleased to officially announce the upcoming exhibition of David LaChapelle's works, which will open this year on June 24th. 

For the first time worldwide, the artist will be exhibiting in 4 spaces simultaneously throughout the city of Montevideo. The shows will feature works from throughout LaChapelle's career, including a projection space of the artist's video works. 

The multiple activities around this exhibition circuit will take place at the FUNDACIÓN UNIÓN (FU), CENTRO DE FOTOGRAFÍA DE MONTEVIDEO (CdF), ESPACIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (EAC) and the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). In the MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARTES VISUALES (MNAV) and in the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). Two lectures will compliment the exhibits. 

LaChapelle's exhibits have traveled the world; and in Latin America to Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile and Colombia; showcasing in cultural venues such as the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso in Mexico City, Museo de las Artes, in Guadalajara, the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, Lima and Santiago, among others. In Mexico, his exhibit managed to be named the best show of the decade by an international artist, with more than 170,000 visits.

Fundación Unión is a private, nonprofit organization, conceived in 2010 by Juan Sartori (founder of Union Group) to develop and implement artistic, cultural and educational projects in countries where Union Group operates.

It is the conduit for the activities related to corporate social responsibility of Union Group. Since then, Fundación Unión has been conducting intense activity, outlining its action to the areas of culture, art and education as key areas for the promotion and development of any society.


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