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Palazzo delle Esposizioni


Exhibition at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

Publication: Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Publication date: March 1999

Editors: Max Montana, Federica Pirani, Renato Nicolini

Credits: Raffaella Ottaviani, Luis Moriones

Format: 8.5” x 9.5”

Features: pages, Full Color, Paperback book

Language: English, Italian

Excerpt from the introduction by Renato Nicolini:


David LaChapelle is a photographer who tends to create his own visionary world, rather than reproduce what’s visible in the world. (That’s why the volume Callway Edition and Simon & Schuester published in 1996 about his work is titled, with exemplary clarity, LaChapelle Land.) The images are extremely colorful, excessively so, childishly associating sex and food, junk food actually, from McDonald’s hot-dogs to lollypops. Turning, with visionary’s sprit, the physical matter into mental matter and dissolving transgression into a comic mode, LaChapelle proposes a relevant reference to Fellini. A Fellini transposed to the great Circus of American Movies, absorbed through Hollywood visionaries, forever poised between the cinemagraphic and the advertising set, like Ridley Scott.

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