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Heaven To Hell


Publication: Taschen

Publication date: 2006

Editors: Ethel Seno

Credits: Horst Neuzner, Frank Goerhardt, Nadia Najm

Format: 11” x 14.5”

Features: 345 pages, full color, hardcover book/boxed set

Language: English

ISBN: 9783822825723


Excerpt from the afterword by David LaChapelle:


I’ve made life Hellish.

At times I’ve made Heaven.

Always remember as an artist you can create

Whatever you want at any moment.

Listen to and follow your intuition.

Thank you to all the people who have helped me make these pictures.

You came into my studio and my life and gave of your talents.

I’ve grown up creating with you, and I love you –

I’ll keep learning to be better

And make more Heaven than Hell

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