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Bliss Amongst Chaos


Collaboration between David LaChapelle and Maybach

Publication: Fred Torres Collaborations

Publication date: July 16, 2010

Editors: Elana Rubinfeld

Credits: Maybach, HHA Design, Patrick Marinoff

Format: 12” x 9.75”

Features: 48 pages, full color, hardcover catalogue

Language: English

ISBN: 9780615382043

Excerpt from the critical essay, “Opulence and splendor seen through free eyes” by Patrick Marinoff:


Every artist conjures up something distinguished. Creative work provides new impulses: it inspires, and changes the way in which people think and see the world. It also drives forward innovations when given the freedom to do so.


Even back in the 1930’s a Maybach Zeppelin was the finest automobile that money could buy. The utmost commitment and extreme precision in the workmanship make every Maybach – then, as now – an art work on wheels: fascinating, accomplished, luxurious, unique and beyond time.


During a visit to the Maybach Manufaktur in Sindelfingen, David LaChapelle was particularly inspired by the perfect esthetics and tremendous attention to detail. He went on to devote a lot of attention to exploring the Maybach brand and its products, and this led to an outstanding project which found expression in two fascinating photographic art works. We were able to celebrate the premiere of these with the press and the general public during the Art Basel Miami Beach 2009, where they received a fantastic response from all over the world.


We are delighted that the Maybach interpretations showcased by David LaChapelle now form an intregal part of his work and we have added both pieces to the Daimler Art Collection.

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